Bold Aesthetic

It’s truly adrenaline-pumping to drive an icon that has evolved to fit our modern-day perks. Driving tradition, today.

Timeless Style, Iconic Looks

A Mustang embodies the classic essence that has defined the Pony car since its beloved debut in 1964, however, the 7th-generation Mustang glorifies an edgier, more modern interpretation. Instead of undergoing a drastic transformation, the latest modification reflects an evolution of the icon by seamlessly blending the timeless appeal and legacy of the Pony car with contemporary design elements.

An Array of Color

There is wide range of expressive colors in the 2024 Mustang lineup. From the classics like Race Red and Oxford White to vibrant new paints like Vapor Blue Metallic and Yellow Splash Metallic Tri-coat, customize your ride to reflect your very own personality. The Mustang Dark Horse Appearance Package offers the captivating Blue Ember Metallic—a color-shifting showstopper that sets a unique tone for an exclusive visual impact.

Badge of Exclusivity

The Mustang Nite Pony Package showcases black GT, 5.0, front, and rear Pony badges, each tailored to the specific trim. On the other hand, the Mustang Dark Horse model has specialized badging throughout, including an IP badge featuring a unique chassis number. These exclusive badges pile on an extra layer of individuality to each Mustang model.

A Look Inside

The customizable cockpit features two curved displays, providing quick access to personalized information. Using 3D-creation tools, similar to those used by video game developers, the displays showcase real-time graphical renderings for an impressive visual experience.

The Coolest Hottest Feature

Experience optimal comfort regardless of weather fluctuations or exhilarating g-forces with the available heated and cooled front bucket seats. These seats provide the flexibility for you to adjust your comfort level, ensuring you feel fantastic mile after mile.

A Reflection of You

With hundreds of design configurations to choose from, you can customize your 2024 Mustang® to reflect the uniqueness that is you.
[1] Ford Motor Company’s policy is one of continuous product development. Therefore, Ford reserves the right to change the specifications and colors of any models and items shown in this publication at any time. It is important to check with your local Ford Dealer for the latest information on models available for order in your market.