Brake Service

Brake Service

Your brakes are an essential safety component in your vehicle. They’re designed to wear slowly as you use them to safely stop your vehicle. You don’t want to wait until they’re bad or worn to replace them – otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk for brake failure. And if you wait too long, your rotors could be damaged, costing you more money.

A little maintenance goes a long way. It’ll help our technicians spot a brake part that needs servicing before you’re at risk for brake failure.

Every maintenance schedule contains a complete set of preventive brake services including fluid check/top off and thorough inspections. It’s a convenient way to make sure everything in your vehicle is taken care of properly.

Signs You May Need Brake Service

 Your brakes might be worn if you:

  • Hear loud or frequent squeaks or grinding
  • Smell an acrid, burning odor
  • Feel your brake pedal “squish” or become difficult to depress
  • Feel shuddering or continuous vibration in the steering wheel
  • See rust or metal flakes peeling off your brakes
  • See the brake system warning light turn on 

If any of these symptoms occur, you should schedule a brake inspection at your local Ford Dealer immediately.

Choosing The Right Brakes

 Making sure that the replacement parts meet or exceed the original equipment standards is the most important guide to follow when having brake parts replaced on your vehicle. Substandard or counterfeit parts at some other repair shop could produce a significant downgrade in quality from the parts that were originally on your vehicle.

If you get brake service at the dealership, you don’t even have to ask us to use brake parts that meet original equipment standards. We use Motorcraft® brakes, Ford Motor Company’s recommended brakes for Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles. They’re specifically designed for your vehicle and meet original equipment standards, which means you get the same level of quality and safety out of your brakes as you did when you first bought your vehicle.

Choose from Motorcraft® pads and shoes for normal driving conditions or Super Duty brake pads and shoes for vehicles that do a lot of heavy-duty braking.

Keep Your Brakes In Top Shape

 No special care is necessary. The best thing you can do for your brakes is to have them inspected during each visit to the dealership. Every vehicle maintenance schedule includes:

  • Checking and toping off brake fluid at every appointment
  • A thorough brake inspection every 15,000 miles or 24,000 kilometers 

In between visits, you should also:

  • Avoid riding the brakes on flat and sloped surfaces
  • Check and refill brake fluid at least once a year using Motorcraft® Brake Fluid

Check your owner’s guide for vehicle-specific information on caring for your brakes

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