Ford Bronco

Built Untamed Performance

Extreme Performance

The New Ford Bronco is ready for adventure with plenty of segment-leading design and capability features.

Best-in-Class Ground Clearance

Stay clear of sharp rocks, fallen branches and other obstacles with a projected best-in-class ground clearance of 11.6 inches. * The New Bronco comes prepared to take on whatever the wilderness throws in its way.

*With 35-inch tires. Class is Medium Traditional Utilities.

Best-in-Class Water Fording

With a high-mounted air intake and best-in-class ground clearance, the New Ford Bronco has the best-in-class* water-fording capability of up to 33.5 inches. Nothing stands in the way of the New Ford Bronco. Not even Mother Nature.

*Class is Medium Traditional Utilities.

Built Untamed – Steers you clear, all the way to the top

The New Bronco family is ready to take you out there. Built for thrilling off-road experience, with the capability and confidence to take you deep into the extremes of outdoor adventure.

Bronco Has Got It Where It Counts

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered. With its undisputed toughness and durability, the New Ford Bronco was built to carry the die-hard, outdoor enthusiasts to wherever Mother Nature calls.

  • Models and specifications shown apply to U.S. market. Contact your local Ford Dealer for the latest information on models in your market.
  • Ford Motor Company’s policy is one of continuous product development. Therefore, Ford reserves the right to change the specifications and colors of any models and items shown in this publication at any time. It is important to check with your local Ford Dealer for the latest information on models available for order in your market.
  • Always consult the owner’s manual before off-road driving. Follow all laws and drive on designated off-road trails and recreation areas. know your terrain and trail difficulty. and use appropriate safety gear.

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