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Oil Change

The engine oil you put in your vehicle lubricates and protects the components in your engine. Without it, the metal-on-metal contact that results can cause severe damage. If dirt or other particles build up in the oil, they can scratch or damage vital components.

Changing your oil and filter regularly keeps your engine clean. And your engine will be thoroughly lubricated, helping it run more efficiently. In fact, using the grade of oil recommended by your owner’s guide, along with scheduled maintenance, can improve your gas mileage by as much as two percent.

In between visits, you can check the level of oil in your vehicle and add more as necessary. Be sure you use the right viscosity grade of Motorcraft® oil – you’ll get peak performance at different temperatures. Check your owner’s manual to find the correct oil for your vehicle.

Signs You May Need An Oil Change

Ford Motor Company generally recommends getting an oil change every 7,500 miles or 8,000 kilometers or every six months, whichever comes first. If you drive your vehicle under tougher conditions, you should change your oil and filter more frequently. Follow this schedule if you:

  • Tow or carry heavy loads
  • Idle or drive at low speeds for long distances
  • Drive in dusty conditions
  • Drive off-road frequently
  • Use E85 fuel more than 50 percent of the time

All Oil is the Same

An oil change isn’t just an oil change. At the dealership, regular scheduled maintenance is designed to keep your vehicle driving at its best. You’ll get all the services your vehicle will typically need over its lifetime if you follow the maintenance schedule.

Your vehicle will get the oil formulated specifically for your vehicle – Motorcraft® Oil. It contains special anti-wear additives to protect your engine and minimize wear. It also keeps your engine running as efficiently and as clean as possible.

At the dealership, the people working on your vehicle treat it as if it were their own. Every oil change is an opportunity to make sure your vehicle is running the way it should.

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