Shock Strut Service

Shock & Strut Service

The difference between a good and a bad suspension system is a difference you can feel when you drive. But more important, your shocks and struts are an essential safety component in your vehicle – you don’t want to wait until they’re bad or worn to replace them. Your suspension helps keep your tires in contact with the road and affects how your vehicle handles – both are critical to safe driving.

A little preventive maintenance goes a long way. It’ll help our technicians spot a suspension part that needs servicing, before you’re at risk.

Signs You May Need New Shocks Or Struts

  • Vehicle bouncing often
  • Tires lose grip on the road
  • Excessive tire wear
  • Decreased handling or braking
  • Vibration or noises
  • Fluid leaking from your shock absorbers
  • Dents, holes or damage to any of your shock and strut components

If any of these symptoms occur, you should visit your local Ford or Lincoln Dealership immediately for an inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system.

What Happens When You Come In To The Dealership For Shock And Strut Service?

You’ve just brought your vehicle in to the service bay specifically for a problem with your shocks and struts. Now what? A Service Advisor will ask a technician to diagnose the problem.

Then the Service Advisor will take you through the technician’s diagnosis, step-by-step. If it shows that your shocks and struts need service, there’s no better place to have it done than right there at the dealership.

Once you’ve authorized the services we recommend for your vehicle, we’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible. And you can rest easy knowing:

  • Shocks and struts are designed specifically for your vehicle
  • Technicians have the most up-to-date suspension system training for your vehicle

Choosing The Right Shocks And Struts

The most important rule of thumb to follow when having suspension parts replaced is to make sure they meet or exceed the original equipment standards. If you get shock or strut service anywhere but the dealership, you could be getting a lower quality part that could compromise safety.

Suspension parts that meet original equipment standards. We use Motorcraft® shocks and struts, which are engineered and designed specifically for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. They meet original equipment standards, which means you get the same level of quality and safety out of your suspension as you did when you first bought your vehicle.

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